The Benefits of Tai Chi and Wu Dang Training

Tai Chi practice at the Purple Cloud Temple

Tai Chi is perhaps the best known of all the Wu Dang practices, especially in the West.  Tai Chi is an ancient system of exercise, first developed in the Wu Dang Mountains of China. By loosening the joints and spine to relax points of tension in the body, Tai Chi can help prevent and cure disease and strengthen the digestive, circulatory and skeletal systems. Along with the physical benefits of Tai Chi, it is often described as a ‘moving meditation’ because its slow, turning motions relieve stress, improve concentration, and create a sense of peacefulness.

All of the Wu Dang arts (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Wu Ji, and Liang Yi) bring great benefits to their practitioners, enhancing their health, mental focus, energy and longevity.

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