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Tranquil beauty creates an ideal environment for the cultivation of mind and spirit

Wu Dang Mountain, more formally known as Xuan Yue, is one of the four most venerated mountains in China. It is even more venerated than Wu Yyue, the five sacred mountains in China. It is also seen as the primary celestial mountain in the world. It is situated at 110 degrees latitude and 32 degrees longitude. It shares this latitudinal location with the Pyramids in Egypt and the Bermuda Triangle. Wu Dang Mountain is 5286 feet high and made up of 72 peaks that tower over the Jianghann Plain. Tianzhu, its magnificent central peak, reaches well above the clouds.


The Wu Dang Monastery was built in the south during the Ming Dynasty, at the same time the Imperial Palace in Beijing was built in the north. The monastery was built by the Emperor and the Wu Dang Temple became the temple of the Imperial family. There are more than 20,000 palaces and temples placed in 33 groups in an area of 4.8 million square feet. The geographic circumference of the Temple complex site is 248 miles. It consists of nine palaces, eight temples, 36 convents, 72 cliff temples and more than 30 pavilions and bridges. This vast complex is the nation's largest Taoist center. If you look down at the magnificent site, it looks like a huge dragon flying up, full of power and mystery.


Priests cultivating internal stillnessDuring the past 2000 years, many highly venerated people have come to Wu Dang Mountain to settle into stillness and develop their internal energy. Yinxi, of the Zho Dynasty, was one of them and so was Yin Changsheng, of the Han Dynasty. Xicyong of the Jin Dynasty, Lu Dongbin of the Tang Dynasty, Chen Tuan of the Song Dynasty, Hao Ranzi of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Sanfeng of the Ming Dynasty and Lao Yizi of the Qing Dynasty were also residents at Wu Dang mountain.

Wu Dang Mountain is the primary center for internal Martial Arts training, Tai Chi and Qi Gong healing training. It is both a physical and spiritual sanctuary where you may return to your original nature. The tranquil beauty of the landscape makes it an ideal environment for the cultivation of mind and spirit. There are currently over 100 Taoist priests practicing internal alchemy and inner spiritual development on Wu Dang Mountain.

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