Master Li


Grandmaster LiMaster Li devoted her entire life to preserving, developing and promoting Taoist religious practice, Taoist healing arts and Taoist wisdom. She was a living manifestation of kindness, mercy and conscience. She was dedicated to the Taoist community in China and to internal alchemical practice.

Many Masters from both Taoist and other schools in China traveled long distances to visit with her. She also had many students who came to her from all over China. At a young age Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) was chosen to study under Master Li Cheng Yu at Wu Dang Mountain. He stayed there for ten years until she sent him to the United States in 1991 to share this ancient wisdom and healing art.

Master Li's steadfast wish is for the renovations to continue at Wu Dang Temple and to preserve the spiritual gems of Taoist culture. Master Chen continues her legacy through his support of the Monastery in China and in his efforts to construct the first Wu Dang Taoist Monastery in the United States.

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