Place of Cultivating Immortality

In 1983, the state decided that The Purple Heaven Hall, Taihe Palace (including The Golden Hall) of Wu Dang Mountain should open to the public. There are currently more than twenty older, happy Taoist priests and sixty younger priests who practice the development of their internal energy.

The main practices of Taoist priests are missionary work and holding memorial ceremonies. Ceremonial chanting of the Taoist scriptures is another way for Taoist priests to cultivate themselves. The Taoist priests who read the lessons of the morning and evening altar, also hold grand memorial ceremonies. Wu Dang Mountain has its own particular Taoist music that emerges out of the chanting of the scriptures and out of long periods of fasting. The unique quality of Wu Dang Taoist music is that it holds within it the language of the Taoist heaven which is where the Taoist Immortals live. Playing the music is a way to communicate with the immortal Gods.

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