Birthplace of Martial Arts

Wu Dang Wu Shu practitionersThe forms aim to conserve Jing, Qi and Shen,
to strengthen the bone, and as a result, to reinforce the body.

Wu Dang Qi Gong, Wu Dang Internal Kung Fu and Wu Dang Sword are rarities within the Chinese Kung Fu treasures.

According to legend, during the Hongwu years of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Sanfeng went to Wu Dang Mountain to settle down and to cultivate his internal energy. One day he observed a magpie and a snake fighting and suddenly understood the two opposing principles of nature.

Out of this experience, he created the thirteen postures of Wu Dang Tai Chi, which restricts attacking through stillness and overcomes hardness with softness. This is what is called Wu Dang Internal Kung Fu (Nei Jia Chuan). Tai Chi forms, Qi Gong and Tai Chi weapons, all came from this revelation. All the forms aim to conserve jing, qi and shen; to strengthen the bone and as a result, to reinforce the body.

Wu Dang Internal Kung Fu has spread for a long time both domestically and abroad. Although the Wu Dang school has many regulations regarding accepting disciples, today we are still open to those who love to learn this ancient art and to those who want to benefit mankind.

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