The Immortal Mountain

Zhen WuWu Dang Mountain, one
of the birth places of Chinese Taoism.

Over 5,000 years ago, Zhen Wu, the Taoist god that Wu Dang temple worships, came to Wu Dang mountain to cultivate alchemy. After 42 years of practice, he successfully flew during the daytime and became the god of the Northern Heaven; thereby he established the Wu Dang Shrine of Taoism.

About 2000 years ago the great philosopher and healer, Lao Tzu, and his disciple, Master Yixi, both practiced Taoism on Wu Dang Mountain. This established Wu Dang Mountain as one of the birth places of Chinese Taoism.

During the past 2000 years, many highly venerated people have come to Wu Dang Mountain to settle into stillness and to develop their internal energy. Yinxi, of the Zho Dynasty, was one of them and so was Yin Changsheng, of the Han Dynasty. Xicyong of the Jin Dynasty, Lu Dongbin of the Tang Dynasty, Chen Tuan of the Song Dynasty, Hao Ranzi of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Sanfeng of the Ming Dynasty and Lao Yizi of the Qing Dynasty were also residents at Wu Dang mountain.

Today over 100 Taoist priests practice internal alchemy and inner spiritual development on Wu Dang mountain. The tranquil beauty of the landscape makes it an ideal environment for the cultivation of the mind and the spirit.

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